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Birthplace of Tokachi (Toyokoro)
On this monument, standing in central Otsu, the words inscribed on the back say : The first administrative office of four districts in Tokachi region was set in Otsu in 1880. Settlers from Honshu landed at Otsu Port by lighter and went inland into Tokachi to break new ground. This place played a significant role in the economical and cultural development of Tokachi, and the monument passes down its history to posterity.


Tabikorai Ferryboat Monument (Toyokoro)
Tabikorai Ferryboat used to carry people, bikes and motorcycles across the Tokachi River as part of Rout 336 until Tokachi Kako Bridge was constructed in 1992. The monument was built to commemorate the ferry. Chashi Ainu fort, is also in Tabikorai.
Ankotsu Area (Toyokoro)
This is one of the places along the lower Tokachi River where Red-crowned Crane can be spotted. The kanji character Ankotsu was phonetically adapted for Chashi Kotsu (remains of fort) from the Ainu language, signifying the Ainu ruins in this area.
Onuma (Toyokoro)
This swamp is a major destination for wild birds. Geese and ducks rest here as they migrate in spring and fall. Raptors including Steller's Sea Eagle or White-tailed Eagle also appear in fall and early spring.
Harunire Elm Tree (Toyokoro)
This large Japanese elm, estimated to be 140 years old, is the symbol of Toyokoro. It is actually two trees that have grown together into a perfectly symmetrical balanced form.
Ikusotanuma (Toyokoro)
Ikusota Swamp is another popular spot for migratory birds in spring and fall. You may be able to see Red-crowned Crane too.
The Tokachi River at Toyokoro and Urahoro
This lower part of the river is gentle enough to enjoy easy canoeing or rafting. (Image is for illustrative purposes.)
Red-crowned Cranes (Toyokoro, Urahoro)
Wetlands along the lower Tokachi River are habitats for Red-crowned Crane, Japan's special natural treasure. About 20 pairs fly in to nest from spring to fall. Few stay over the winter in this area.
Eagles (Toyokoro, Urahoro)
Rare birds of prey stay in eastern Tokachi from fall to spring. Steller's Sea Eagle and White-tailed Eagle are on the government's list of species for protection.


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