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Yudonuma (Toyokoro)
This brackish lake with a 12 km circumference, is famous for beautiful wild flowers in the surrounding area. Toyokoro designates the lake as its cultural asset.


Lake Chobushi (Toyokoro)
Chobushiko is a salt-water lake about 5 km in circumference. The plant community on the sandbank along the lake is on Hokkaido's list of protected habitats. On the lakeside, there stands a stone monument with an inscribed poem. It commemorates Haruo Sato (a novelist and poet, 1882-1964), who was associated with Toyokoro.
Toyokita Coast Pillbox (Urahoro)
A small, partly underground concrete fort was built here just before the end of WWII.
Toyokita Natural Flower Garden (Urahoro)
In the flower zone extending over the sand dunes on the Pacific coast, more than 300 varieties of alpine plants come into full bloom between June and September, for example rugosa roses, mountain cranberries or Kamchatka lilies.
Tokachibuto Ruins (Urahoro)
The archeological site on the riverbank of Tokachibuto consists of more than 500 remains of habitation during the Satsumon Period (7th to 13th century). The observation deck near the site overlooks the Urahoro River and the Urahoro Tokachi River.
Paragliding Site (Urahoro)
The Tokachibuto coast is one of the biggest and most popular places for paragliders in Japan as stable ascending air currents are constantly generated. Members with P-License authorized by the Japan Hang&Paragliding Federation can fly.
Kobukariishi Outlook (Urahoro)
Situated on a sheer cliff, the outlook offers a bird's-eye view of the extensive Pacific Ocean. There is no parking lot, but you can stop at the wider edge of the road. On sunny days, a vast wonderful view stretches in front of you. This place is known to those in the know.
Tokachi Okoppe Ruins (Urahoro)
The remains of a settlement from the Satsumon Period (7th to 13th century). After research by the local board of education, the ruins were designated a Hokkaido Historical Site on May 21, 1976.


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